We are called to go out into the community in service to Him.
Mathew 9:37: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. (ESV)
John 4:37: “…one sows and another reaps.” (ESV)

Mission activities of some of Fairfields’ members this summer – pray for them, please:

  • Sophia Sapanara: Hurricane WV, youth construction project

Fairfields sponsors and participates in several formal outreach programs:

  • scholarships: the Covington-Hurst Educational Fund (CHEF) provides financial assistance to local students attending higher educational institutions.
  • child evangelism: a group of local people affiliated with Child Evangelism Fellowship who share the Gospel with children where they are, outside of church.
  • Christian Men United: men who seek to show God’s love and racial cooperation by repairing and building home items such as handicap ramps  for people in need.

There are also several informal outreach programs including:

  • gleaning: several local farmers let us pick ripe vegetables for the area Food Bank. These are announced when schedulted.
  • Meals On Wheels: the men deliver meals to county residents who cannot purchase or prepare their own meals.
  • physical assistance: often, neighbors need help with various activities or chores within the home, or transportation.

Additionally, Fairfields provides prayer and financial support to charities such as:

  • local food pantries
  • supplies for our schools
  • Christmas toy drives for local needy children

What an honor when the Lord chooses us to show others how much He loves them!