Our People

Fairfields is blessed with many wonderful people in its congregation. Many  currently hold leadership roles, or have in the past. Here are some of our current volunteers and the responsibilities they fulfill.

Lay Leader: Judy Mooers

Chairman, Administrative Council: Wayne Parrish

Chairman, Trustees: Jim Holland

Finance Chairman: Charlie Valentine

Treasurer: Anne Holland

President, Nelia Tingle Fellowship: Jill Davis (what is Nelia Tingle?)

President, United Methodist Men: Brant Hays (what are the Methodist Men?)

Here’s a sampling of some who consider Fairfields their “Home Church”

Oldest: Frances Hurst

100 years old! 2018

We are amazed by the energy of this remarkable lady,

One of our most regular attendees, Frances Hurst turned 100 in February 2018 and

we all enjoyed celebrating with her.

She is a joy!



She’s now two, and is delightfully curious

about all she encounters

New Member Leonora Remer

New Member Leonora Remer

We eat often

Springtime at FUMC

Some of our families are multi-generational

Molly’s Baptism

Every one of these people, and many more, would really like to meet you and sincerely hope you’ll drop in and give them that joy.