Movie Night

January 18, 2019 @ 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Activities Building
Kevin Mooers

Together with Afton UMC, Fairfields sponsors a free movie night several times a year on Friday evenings in the Activities Building. Popcorn, soft drinks and pizza are available, also at no charge. Many show up early just for that, and that’s OK! There’s usually a basket there because some folks just prefer to donate something…entirely up to you.

The movies are faith-based family films. After the show several folks stick around to discuss it, snack, and/or socialize.

The Activities Building is spacious and can accommodate big crowds. We provide seating, but there’s plenty of room to bring comfortable lawn chairs if you want to. Many of our regulars do exactly that.

Movie Night is not on a regular schedule. But when one is scheduled it’s advertised with flyers and a banner on Route 360. It’s also announced on this calendar and in the church bulletins several days or even weeks in advance.

We think you and your family would enjoy it and walk-ins are welcome. Try it out!