Photo Gallery

We take lots of pictures! A few of them are grouped below by topic.



lighting the candles

Nativity, outside

Cantata by choir

Christmas Dinner


Easter meal after service

Easter service







We don’t always eat, just usually. Sometimes it’s a music program, a picnic, or just visiting.

Following are some snapshots from recent Nelia Tingle socials and the picnic.

Fall Festival

The Festival involves some preparation as shown below, but it’s certainly worth it. The Hayrides, color guard, live music, finger printing, BBQ and arts & crafts delight attendees. Kids love the clowns, pirate, fishing and digging for treasure and face painting.

CHEF scholarships

The most recent presentations featured the recipients shown below, awarded by our Committee and Frances Hurst for whom, along with her sister, the Foundation is named.

Pentecost, Seder, and Roast Beef Dinner

Pentecost, when the Spirit descended on the apostles like a dove. Seder, a traditional Jewish meal celebrating Passover. And the greeters, servers and diners at our annual Roast Beef Dinner fundraiser.